Unsocial Effects of Social Media


Ten years ago social media did not consume 99.9% of our everyday lives. Most Americans are living a distracted lifestyle. Whether it’s running errands, rushing to work, or simply trying to feed ourselves. With that said, for many people the number one distraction is social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, pick your poison. No matter where we are, what we are eating, or who we are with, we feel the need to make everyone aware through social media. They have taken what is a great way to communicate and share opinions and ideas to the extreme.

Social for the Sake of Social Media

Selfie with food

I find myself wondering if people go to places to enjoy the moment, or just to capture the picture to post that very second. Same for the #fitfam goers. Are you going to the gym to get in shape, or Instagram the number of plates you have on your bar? The best is at the club with the “partiers” that look absolutely miserable in person. But go peep their Instagram at 3am, and they look like the life of the party.

Live Life Unfiltered

Girl in the gym

Too many people are living their lives based around social media. Letting it define them as a person. If the filters weren’t enough to tell you, your life is fake. Years ago it used to be who can I compete with to get the best position at my company. In today’s world it’s a competition for who gets the most followers and likes.

So you social media addicts, get yourselves back to reality, and stop hiding behind the likes and the filters. There’s more to life than uploading a picture, tweet, or status, I promise! Plus were tired of reading your sorrows and quite frankly we don’t care what you had for dinner.