Your Dress Code to Balancing Sexy vs. Slutty


The ultimate girl-talk question in the pre-nightlife hours is the indefinite…what do I wear tonight? We all have a different way to answer this question, and as always there’s an outfit perfect for every scenario.

If you’re going out to get drunk don’t wear white. Your dress will tell a story of every drink you’ve had by midnight. If you’re going out to dance wear comfy shoes. Otherwise you won’t keep up with the DJ (and for god’s sake don’t resort to dancing barefoot).

If you’re taken and going out with the girls, wear something classy enough to still get you a free drink, but not revealing enough to get your ass grabbed. But the biggest question lies here for every nightlife diva…How do I fashionably balance the line between sexy vs. slutty?

Sexy vs. Slutty: Determine What Type of Attention You Want

Barefeet is slutty

If you look like a slut, you’ll get treated like one. If that’s what you want, then all you. No one’s judging (except for the girls eyeing you in the corner pissed off that you’re the center of attention).

If you want a nice, sophisticated man to talk to you, maybe you shouldn’t wear the dress that screams “take me back to your hotel room”. Outfits create a message that is received by everyone else you meet in a nightclub. Dress the way you want other people to perceive you.

Dress for the Season

If it’s summer, you don’t wear a long-sleeved velour dress to the club. So why would you wear a strapless dress that rides up your ass in the winter? The most fashionable people dress for the weather.

If it’s summer, wear neon to compliment your tan. If it’s winter, try warm, earth tones with some darker lipstick. Remember, a sexy jumpsuit or a dress with tights makes you more becoming in the frigid winter months because you know how to look hot and appropriate.

Chose One — Revealing Top OR Short Bottom

Dress Sexy Not Slutty

NOW THIS IS KEY: balance it out. The fine line in the debate between sexy versus sleazy lies in the decision to accent tits or ass. Never both.

If you wear a deep-V-cleavage top, make sure the dress is somewhat longer. I’m not talking Mormon long, but possibly below the mid-thigh. If your top is totally covered with an open back, you can go a little shorter and add some six-inch stilettos to elongate your legs. A personal favorite of mine is a brallete top and a knee-length pencil skirt. Sexy, but when done right sophisticated.

Accessorize Accordingly

As the goddess herself Coco Channel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Words to live by girls. Don’t over accessorize and ruin the appeal you’re going for.

If you’re wearing a halter top that comes up to your neck, wear a body chain to compensate for the conservative nature of the garment. If you’re wearing a low cut top try a small necklace, OR dangling earrings. And please don’t wear crazy heels with a tiny dress. When you walk up the stairs to VIP? Yep you guessed it, everyone can see your crotch.

Your Attitude Means a Lot. How Will You Carry Yourself?

Know when to call a cab

Most importantly, carry yourself. If someone buys you a drink, hold a conversation. Don’t run away, that’s rude. You want everyone to have a good impression of you at the end of the night. Have a great time and pound back shots, but know when it’s about that time to call a cab before you face plant on the dance floor (and we’ve all done it, no hard feelings– just learn from it).

Have fun with your girls and make some new friends. Take as much pride in yourself as you do in your outfit. A woman who does this is the sexiest of them all.