The One Night Stand Survival Guide


Not everyone likes to admit it but we all probably are guilty of having a one-night stand. After a wild night out, what else is better than a nightcap from the girl you were ogling all night across the bar? Here is our survival guide to successfully pulling of a one-night stand:

  1. Clean your sheets Nothing can turn off your potential quarry faster than having dirty sheets. You change your underwear everyday, so why is so difficult to wash your sheets once a week?
  2. Have an extra toothbrush handy One-night stands typically involve a lot of alcohol. The last thing you want to do is share your toothbrush with a total stranger or taste the olive juice from the three dirty martinis she guzzled down before hopping in the cab with you.
  3. Make sure to have toilet paper Total drunken stranger in your bathroom and there is no toilet paper. Think about it. Your hand towel becomes her new toilet paper.
  4. Set an alarm – Let her know this a limited time offer. Set a boundary that the journey ends by a certain time because you have prior engagements.
  5. Have an extra phone charger handy (multiple types)  No charger means no phone. No call from friends, no alarm, no text messages, no GPS to get her home. This will give her all the excuses in the world to make herself at home.
  6. Be prepare to hear the following statement “I never do this, but….” Every girl is a good girl….
  7. Condoms…  I know you hate them but have a stash on hand. The last thing you want is to be peeing fireballs in the morning.
  8. Have some cold bottles of water in your fridge The last thing you need is for your place to be hit by the vomit comet.
  9. Don’t make her breakfast Save your short order cooking skills for the girl you want to see again.
  10. Pay for her uber ride home Uber X or Uber Black can be performance-based.
  11. Take her number – Shoot her a text to make she got home safely.

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