10 Halloween Costumes You Should Avoid in 2015


It’s about the middle of October; pumpkin spice has infiltrated every single part of our existence and that glorious Halloween party week is just around the corner. It also happens to be the time you start thinking what your costume (or costumes) will be. Let Popefeeder provide you a head start by giving you ten costumes you should avoid at all costs, that way you can start thinking about some unique costume ideas that will make you stand out from the rest.

Donald Trump Costume

1. Donald Trump/Political Figures
Yes, he is on the news all the time and yes you will find about 12 other Donalds at every party. Even if you go with a more obscure political candidate, you run the risk of sparking a pointless drunken discussion with that political science major who doesn’t understand you just want a beer.

Bad Ninja Costume

2. Ninja/Pirate
I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you’re not a child. So let’s skip the toddler costumes and try something that isn’t a Party City best seller for kids under the of age 10.

Bad Pimp Costume

3. Pimp
I think we can all agree this one has been over done, and in this modern age it’s safe to say that degrading women isn’t cool.

TIME Robin Williams

4. Robin Williams/Recently Deceased
Death can be quite a sore subject. While dressing like a historical hero or person can be pretty unique but making fun of someone recently deceased is usually frowned upon. Instead try dressing up as one of Robin William’s characters.

Kim Davis

5. Kim Davis
I don’t exactly know how one would dress up as Kim Davis, but again just because someone is on the news doesn’t make them a great costume idea.

Doggie Pope

6. The Pope
Wait I can’t re-use the costume/memorabilia I thought was hilarious when the Pope visited?!? Also, You’re Kim Davis & Pope dual costume will not be original.

Terrorist Costume

7. Terrorist
Can you tell me what a terrorist looks like? A terrorist is someone who uses terror, harm, and pain to get his/her beliefs across, not a guy wearing a ghutrah and agal (traditional Middle Eastern headdress fashioned from a square scarf and black cord used to hold it in place).

Dad Bod Costume

8. Dad Bod / Leo Dicaprio
Stop being lazy, your gut isn’t a costume. You wear that all year long.


9. Refugee/Illegal Alien
Regardless of your stance on immigration making fun of someone’s hardship is just plain wrong and makes you a d*ck. (and we don’t mean duck)

Racist Costumes

10. Blackface/Whiteface/Racist Costumes
If you have to change the color of your skin to match a sterotype, it’s probably not a good idea. It’s also just messy.