The 5 Best Beaches Atlantic City has to offer


Its 80 degrees. Its sunny. Its Cinco De Mayo (which is an easy excuse not to work and just take a couple shots of tequila at suck down a frozen margarita). All I can think about is getting on the beach and relaxing, how about you? Winter is gone, global warming pretty much canceled out what we all call spring, and Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner and its almost time to get on the Beach and enjoy the summer. Below is a list of beaches in south jersey that offer a little something for everyone.

Albany Beach Atlantic City

Albany Ave. Atlantic City. Family Fun.

Albany Avenue has one of the most convenient / family friendly beaches in Atlantic City. Its located in the beginning of the city (right off the Black Horse Pike) and just blocks away from the Atlantic City Expressway. Albany Avenue has a parking lot available to al beachgoers, bathrooms, and no beach tags are required. You can also cook out at Albany beach, all you need to do is apply for a permit with the city. If you’re looking to enjoy the beach with your family without any headaches, Albany Avenue is the place to go.

Lucy Beach Margate City

Lucy. Margate. Greenhouse.

Unfortunately I grew up sitting at this beach so I am completely bias and think it’s the best option out of all the Atlantic City Beaches. Lucy has anything and everything you could ask for to make an amazing beach day. You can spend the day with your family, or run into old friends having adult beverages in solo cups. If you need to run to the bathroom, get food, or a drink – no need to run home, the Greenhouse is located right there and can take care of any of that.

Crystal Beach Atlantic City

Crystal Beach. Atlantic City. Surf City.

If you enjoy getting on a board and riding the waves this is exactly where you need to be. Crystal beach is the furthest spot north (right where Revel is located). Here you will find local surfers, great waves, and no beach taggers to bother you. You may also use your grill with the permission of the City. With the inclusion of a bathroom with-in steps, this beach is the way to go if you want a little privacy.

The Cove Brigantine

The Cove. Brigantine. Locals Only.

If you’re not from around here (or call this area “down the shore” and not “the beach”) this probably isn’t the best spot for you. The cove is packed daily with industry folk and locals. This is where they get to enjoy Atlantic City. You’ll find boats, jeeps, and lots of alcohol and fun. FYI – if you don’t know someone with a truck or boat, you’re going to have to trek through the dunes to get to this Atlantic City beach.