PopLooks: Top 5 Promoter Looks and How to Play the Part

The Beanie Promoter

The Promoter Beanie

The promoter beanie evolved form the winter beanies that are designed to keep your ears and head warm during the winter months. The promoter beanie is longer in length, not as heavy, and is designed for fashion and not warmth. The promoter beanie is placed on the top of your head, over your forehead, does not cover your ears, and hangs off the back of your head. This trend has taken off with celebrities, music artists, and most of all – promoters. In my opinion this the 2nd duecheiest fashion trend on this list and you could never catch me in a promoter beanie. That being said, promoters and doorman are notorious for rocking them and this will most likely help you get into a club.

The Deep V Promoter

The Deep V

By far the worst style on this list. The V-neck was designed to wear as an undershirt so that you could not see it underneath a button down. The V-neck has evolved into a style that men wear in the warmer months that shows off their pecks and chest hair (this is to attract the females). The Deep V does the exact opposite and is extremely awkward. No shirt should ever go lower than the pecs (that includes the buttons on a button down) and should NEVER be in the vicinity of a man’s belly button. If you would like to get into the club stay away from this look.

The Vest Promoter

The Vest

This piece of clothing has me torn. The vest was huge in the Ryan Cabrera era. People would wear them with t shirts, buttons downs, and in some instances pull an Aladdin and rock one without a shirt. Unfortunately for the vest I think it’s time as being the main item for a look has gone out the door. Although it is dressier and more acceptable than the two looks above, I think the only time a vest should be worn is with a 3 piece suit. This look you have a 50/50 chance of getting in the club.

Old Fashioned Hat Promoter

The Old Fashioned Hat

Now this is a dope look that I wish I could pull off. The old fashioned hats have been fashionable and popular for hundreds of years. They’re trendy as well as professional. You can wear them with a suit or with a club outfit. I blame Pharrel and his Vivvienne Westwood hat he wore to the Grammy’s for the recent hat phenomenon (although they never have and never will go out of style). You be a certain type of person and have a certain type of style to pull this off, buuuuut, if you have that you’ll definitely get into the club.

“Every Great Man Has a Great Hat”

The Suit Promoter

The Suit

There’s nothing a women likes more than a man who knows how to rock a good suit. And there’s nothing a man puts on that makes him feel better than a dope suit. Suits will give you power and help you gain respect. If you’re rocking a suit the right way people will have the assumption that you’re important. Complimenting your suit with the correct accessories is very important: socks, belt, tie, tie-clip, pocket square, and lapel. This is by far my favorite look and will easily get you into the club or have people thinking that you run it.