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The Top 5 Champagnes to Order in the Club

PopChampagne: Top 5 Champagnes to Order in the Club


What is every bottle service customers main goal when they attend their favorite club? Some may say its the DJ (nowadays this might be true), some may say the vibe and atmosphere, some may say the people. But lets just get right to the point, the goal is mainly – To impress people. Whether it be a an impressing a women or vice versa. Its to be seen, to show off, to let people know who you’re and to have them to want to be a part of it. The feeling of being the center of attention and focal point of a busy club is like a drug. And what is it that makes this possible? You guessed correct, Champagne! If you think you’re taking a girl home with a bottle of Absolut at the table you’re clearly mistaken. Please take in account size, but we aren’t going to get into that because we all know the bigger the better. Below is a list of my top 5 champagnes to purchase in the club while taking into account: flavor, color, look of the bottle, price, and other peoples perception.

Perrier Jouet champagne

1. PJ Rose

This is my go to at the club. Probably the 2nd most expensive on this list, PJ Rose is pink which gives the perception that it is better than most others. In my opinion it is the best tasting on this list (I am not a champagne fan) and also has the prettiest bottle when being brought out by a sexy bottle service girl. For many people reading this, PJ Rose would be their 3rd draft pick. BUT, guess what, so was Michael Jordan.

Dom Perignon champagne

2. Dom Perignon

There has been a Dom phenomenon in the club scene these days. Yes, Dom is tasty. Yes it has a reputable name. Yes the price point is affordable. So why has there been such an influx in sales? I am going to blame this on the aluminous bottle. There is just something about the green glow the bottle gives off that makes you want to buy more. If Dom wasn’t at the for-front of the illuminating bottle, I think things would be a little different.

Armand De Brignac champagne

3. Armand De Brignac (Ace of Spades)

: Ace blew up on the scene when people started rapping about it. People started rapping about it because of the bottle which is bright gold. When people see gold, they think of $$$$$. Ace is probably the most expensive on this list, and in my opinion the worst tasting. Yes, the bottles are dope (they’re pink when you purchase an Ace Rose), but, I’d rather spend my money on something I can actually poor down my throat.

Veuve Clicquot champagne

4. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label

Best bang for your buck in the club. Veuve is well known, moderately priced, and tastes alright. You won’t get looked down upon or unimpressive for ordering this. If you’d like to step it up I suggest Veuve Rose.

Moet & Chandon champagne

5. Moet & Chandon White Star

definitely the cheapest bottle on this list but not bad tasting. White Star will not give you any klout in the club from on-lookers but can be used as a nice surprise present to friend or as a spray bottle.