The 8 Guys You Meet at Nightclubs


Nightclubs always lead to the mixed cornucopia of club-goers that all have their own agendas. That’s apart of the mystique of the nightclub world. You never know who you are going to come across but every night is sure to be an adventure. The following is a sampling of the those people with the 8 types of guys you meet at nightclubs.

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Life of the Party Guy

1. Life of the Party

Where to find him: Typically on top of a table dancing or making his rounds like a politician. This guys middle name is Party. He dances, he knows the words to every song and he is on a first name basis with the bathroom attendant. He lives at the club. He is a great guy to know. When he gets a table, he does it in a group where everyone pitches in and shares the expense.

The Let’s Do Shots Guy

2. The Let’s Do Shots Guy

Where to find him: At the bar or taking laps around the club recruiting people to take shots. This guy loves taking shots and he loves buying them in bulk. The more people that take shots with him, the more complete his night becomes. So do this guy a favor and raise a glass with him. He’s harmless, he just wants to buy you a shot!

Music Snob Guy

3. The Music Snob

Where to find him: By the DJ Booth, trying to get in to the DJ booth, talking the opening DJ. This guy is probably a DJ or aspiring DJ. He wants to be on the wheels so bad that he has dedicated his evening to fluff the DJ and his entourage in hopes that he will be allowed to enter the booth. He always has his Macbook charged with his playlist cued up incase he gets called up from the minor leagues. The music snob is all about the music. He is a great resource when you miss that shazam.

Bottle Popper

4. Bottle Popper

Where to find him: At a table of course. This guy loves bottle service. The words Dom P. or Ace of Spades send chills down his spine. He loves the intoxicating feeling of every eye in the room staring at him as lights flash toward his table beckoning club goers to pay attention to his frivolous money management practices. Girls love this guy until the champagne runs out. Also good for making it rain dollar bills or spraying champagne to show you “money ain’t a thang.”

The Supporting Cast

5. The Supporting Cast

Where to find him: Guarding the bottle popper table and taking the shrapnel left behind. Girls beware, he is often the marksmen of the group. While the bottle popper is focusing on getting attention of the club, the supporting cast is focusing on getting with you. The Supporting Cast is often a wordsmith and he know what you want to hear. He makes up for what he lacks in the wallet with undivided attention and complimentary champagne.

The Nightclub Insider

6. The Insider

Where to find him: Back office, service well, anywhere off limit to normal patrons of the club. Typically this guy is in the industry or has worked in the industry. He will introduce you to the staff, tell you about the club gossip, and show you the ins and outs of the club. This guys is the last one to leave. He typically exits out the employee entrance.

The Creeper

7. The Creeper

Where to find him: By the ladies restroom. On the dance floor by himself. This guys comes to the club alone. There is no entourage or friends. He lives with his parents and his mother picked his outfit and dropped him off at the club. He is there every weekend like football on a Sunday. You love to watch him and take pictures from afar.

The Nightclub Insider

8.  The Let’s smoke a Cigarette Guy

Where to find him: The smoking section, on this way to get cigs at the closest convenience store, or at bar grabbing a drink in between cigarettes. If you are social smoker, this is the guy you need to know. Typically, equipped with multiple packs and several lighters. He is always willing to share and will give you his last cigarette because he knows he has half a carton left in the car parked out front.

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