7 Girls You Will Meet in Nightclubs


Lets face it, girls make nightlife the party it should be. So when you go out, you’ll find them in all shapes and sizes. Unless you’ve stumbled into a sausage fest. Here you will find the PopFeeder’s survival guide to the 7 girls you should either avoid in the club, or at least understand what you are getting yourself into.

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White Girl Wasted

1. White-Girl Wasted

White-Girl Wasted is the girl that comes to party ready to drink. We have all seen her, heels off, bare footed in the club. Bottom of her feet black with club sludge. Her skirt is too short and you will definitely see her glimpse of her panties if she remembered to wear a pair. If you decide to take her home with you, expect a ton of resistance from her friends. You should thank them because they are trying to save you a lot of hassle. Expect tears, vomit, and possible accusations of date rape or slipping something in her drink.

The Table Hopper

2. The Table Hopper

The table hopper knows her way around the club. Her eyes glimmer at the site of sparklers and flashing lights. She can identify the brand of champagne by her keen sense of smell. She knows nightclubs and where to go and knows who is spending. The Table Hopper has mastered the art of flirtation. The Table Hopper may give you a kiss but she will drink all your champagne. You will exchange numbers and she will text you back just enough to think that she is interested. The table hopper is interested in the attention. Not you. She will meet a guy with deeper pockets the next time she out hopping.

The Raver

3. The Raver

The Raver is all about the music. She is here because BPM and club music run her life. For the Raver, going to a club is all about dancing, music and the DJ. The raver will be wearing the most ridiculous outfit imaginable. Her boots will have fur and you will see a lot of skin. You will think that you have a chance with her because of the all the skin you are seeing. Practice your dance moves and study the discographies of DJ Magazine’s top 100 DJs.

The Social Media Guru

4. The Social Media Guru

The Social Media Guru is on the hunt for “Likes”. She is on the hunt for most perfect social media post to send her Klout score through the roof. The social media guru lives in the digital world. Likes mean more to her than actually people liking her in the real world. The social media guru wants to gain attention from her followers over her friends.

The DJ Groupie

5. The DJ Groupie

The DJ Groupie spends most of her evening trying to meet and sleep with the DJ. The DJ groupie usually has a couple of attractive friends that she uses as bait to attract the DJs attention. The DJ Groupie knows the arrival times, dinner reservations, set times and departure times for all the DJs. The DJ Groupie will make sure she is in optimal position for every chance encounter possible. Pack your USBs and brush up on your knowledge of Ableton Live.

The Job Seeker

6. The Job-Seeker

The Job Seeker is looking for gainful employment. Can’t fault a person for bettering herself but her sole reasoning is to let everyone that works at the club that she is available to bottle serve or bartend at a moments notice. She has her embellished resume memorized from top to bottom. Impress her with and woo her with your ability to get her next job.

Girl Mom Warned You About

7. The girl your mom warned you about

The girl your mom warned you about. You know. She’s hot. Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect face. She is drop dead gorgeous. She knows it, you know it, and everybody knows it. She is so flirtatious. You are too intoxicated by aura of this siren that you fail to recognize all the signs that she is the girl your mother warned you about. She views men as means to an end. She will use you and abuse to giving you nothing in return. Remember, mother knows best…

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