Top 10 Things to Do While Snowed In


The northeastern United States during the winter months is a great place. Winter is one of my favorite seasons–when it snows. When it is just cold, it is rather miserable and gloomy. When the snow really starts to storm, we get half a foot or more. Work’s closed, school’s closed and everyone has the day off. I know you are trying to figure out what to do! Whether you want to be inside and stay warm or get outside and have some fun, here are my Top 10 things to do while snowed in.

Do Work

10. Get work done

Lots of us, such as myself, can work from home. So get some extra work done! Don’t be like everyone else who is losing out on a day of work because they aren’t in the office. Make sure you can keep on keeping on. Although not my favorite option, it’s always one.


9. Clean

It’s the wintertime; no one ever wants to do it, but everyone has to. We are all busy with work, school, the kids, or whatever it may be. I know everyone has some cleaning to do. So put the chips down, get out of bed and clean the house up like it hasn’t been since you moved in.


8. Do Your Taxes

It’s that time of the year again; make sure to get your taxes done! We all could use a little extra money after the holiday season. A snow day is a perfect time to get them filed and get that taken care of.

Snow Day Gallery

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Plan Vacation

7. Plan a Vacation

I know after four or five months of cold winter weather, it might be time to plan the next trip to the tropics or somewhere warm. Warm weather and some palm trees would sound just about right while looking at the snow.

Read a Book

6. Read a Book

Get that book you have been meaning to pick up for the past couple of months and crack the binding. There are a few good books in my collection I wouldn’t mind getting into.


5. Sleep

After catching up on some reading, nothing is better on a snow day, especially when the snow comes down all day and night, than getting some sleep. We all work very hard; don’t be afraid to catch up on some sleep. It’s said getting six hours a night is all you need, but there is nothing like a good ten hours or so to really feel nice and rested.


4. Netflix

A snow day is a great time to catch up on the TV shows you missed. I have been waiting for the free time where I can sit back, throw on “House of Cards,” relax and marathon the hell out it.

play in the snow

3. Play in the Snow

I put this within my top three because it was something I always had done as a kid, and I still can enjoy it today. Also, doing a little sleigh-riding down that hill you used to go down when you were a kid definitely will bring back memories. Now though, we can make it a little more fun seeing as we are 21+. Drinking and riding might put a whole new perspective on things from when you were a kid.

Get Drunk

2. Get Drunk as Hell

Some of us are a little bit more adventurous and fun than others, and really embrace the essence of a snow day. Some choose to do household activities but some of us like to bring out our inner college, let loose and get dunk! Enjoy that day off with some beer, wine, or maybe even some shots.

Have Sex when Snowed in

1. Sex

Sex has to be the number one thing to do while you are snowed in. It is very difficult to think of something better or more fun than being with your significant other just having sex all day long. Not much else to explain for this one besides, enjoy that free day off; you don’t get too many of them.