Popfeeder: What, Who, and Why?


So What is PopFeeder?

Popfeeder is an online magazine bringing you the best information in popculture for Atlantic City. Popfeeder includes information on PopPeople, PopLife, PopCulture, PopPlaces, PopEvents, as well as the top nightclubs and restaurants in your area. Popfeeder keeps you up to date on all the juicy news, topics, and issues that are talked about in everyday society with its daily blog section that will keep you coming back for more. Popfeeder is also interactive, so if you agree or disagree in this open forum your voice let your voice be heard. Popfeeder’s mission is to engage both the consumer and businesses to make their PopLives much easier and more entertaining!

Who is PopFeeder?

The PopFeeder team consists of a group with over 15 years of experience in nightlife, hospitality, customer service, and marketing. The Popfeeder team has a true love for nightlife, daylife, and hospitality and is determined to use their knowledge to give you the best of the best. The Popfeeder team is opinionated and not afraid to express their views, but always open to constructive criticism and what you have to say. The PopFeeder team is determined to give you the best information that Atlantic City has to offer.

Why PopFeeder?

PopFeeder was created for the consumer, YOU! PopFeeder acts as a social guide for what interests you. You need a new place to eat? PopFeeder will give a the best recommendation and get you a reservation. You want tickets to an event, concert, or show? Let Popfeeder be your ticket provider. You want insider tips on what club to go to and what night? Popfeeder will get you on the guest list or reserve you a VIP table. PopFeeder will be your go to for all the needs your social life may require.

Let PopFeeder be your social guide for anything and everything, you won’t be let down!