To Update or Not To Update, That Is The Question?


I have been in the middle of the heated Apple IPhone debate for months and months now, to update or not to update, that is the question? I have stayed free and clear of all the “recent updates” and “software updates” on my IPhone. This has seemed to work well for me, I will usually wait until the phone wont work with an application or it was an absolute necessary update for the phone. Or of course I will wait for them to fix the kinks.

Most people have had differing of opinions. Lots believe you have to update to keep things fresh and new. Then of course there are the people like myself who believe you don’t have to fix something not broken.

IPhone 6s

This fall, as it seems the same as every other year right around this time when the new IPhone comes out, there is more anticipation and excited than the last. Usually there is a new “update”, for the older versions of the phone as the new phone comes out. This usually updates all the applications and software on the phone.

I have held strong with resisting “the new latest and greatest” when it came to the IPhone updates, and of course I have NEVER had a problem with my IPhone. I have heard countless stories of how this persons phone is screwing up here and that persons phone is freezing there., not exactly something I want to deal with. Just give me a phone that works and does the basic necessities of today’s day and age, and I’m good.

iOS 9

After thinking about it for a while, I decided I was going to update my phone and all of my applications to go along with it, unfortunately.

It was seamless, and from first sight, everything looked great, new features were working and all, even seemed a little faster. But then of course what I didn’t want to happen, happened. I went to my Instagram and it just kept crashing and crashing automatically for absolutely no reason. I figured of course, delete, and reinstall, do a quick restart of the phone and it should of course work.

“Not so fast ladies and gentleman” as the great Lee Corso would say. Of course it didn’t work, and now that I look online tons of people are having the same problem. I utilize Instagram for work, I had over 5,000 followers, to many people that’s not very much but it took years to get that and it was a little frustrating loosing all of the hard work I put in to make my account reputable for work.

I now had to take hours out of my work day to figure out how to fix this problem without starting a whole new Instagram and trying to build back up my Instagram to what it was.