Born January 17th, 1969 in Breda, Netherlands, Tiesto has been producing music longer than most of his fans have been alive. After years of being known as DJ Tiesto, he dropped the DJ and formally became know as “Tiesto” which was created as a twist from his childhood nickname – that has never been revealed.

Putting all of Tiesto’s accomplishments, awards, businesses etc. into words would just take up too much of our time. The best analogy I can give about Tiesto, is that he is the Michael Jordan of electronic music. Although many may come close in skills, there never will be anyone quite like Tiesto. Just to give you a quick idea of how good he actual is (as if you don’t already know) he has been ranked in DJ Magazine’s top DJ’s in the World every year since 2000. He ranked 1st: three times, 2nd: five times, and 3rd: 3 times, along with the award of “Best DJ Of All Time” in 2013.

As I have stated numerous times I am not a fan of Tiesto. I’ve seen him play numerous times, at numerous venues, in numerous cities and for some reason he just doesn’t do it for me. This is one of those arguments that I will not win ad will admit that I am wrong. Every city, stage, venue, show, festival the man plays he sells out. Watching him walk into the DJ booth (up close and personal) you would think that Michael Jackson was about to perform. The man is a legend, kind of untouchable. He’s changed the way people look at electronic music and continues to do so (you can see for yourself with his new album “A Town Called Paradise”. Michael Jordan has 6 rings, Tiesto’s got 10 (in the electronic music game) and is still in the game!

Fun Fact: He has his own Reebok sneaker

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