5 DJs that will bring sexy back this Summer – PopFeeder



As seasons change, so does pop culture and everything around it.

Fashion bloggers and stylists are working around the clock to figure out what are this summer’s biggest trends. From yoga pants and Uggs to sundresses and flip-flops. Our ears were over saturated with big room house during the dark colder months. I’d love to lower the tempo a bit. I am here to help you shift your taste in music to help fit the warmer climate. This is where tropical and deep house come in.

Here are some of my favorite artists and producers that I will be listening to while I dig my toes in the sand with a corona in my hand.

kygo-popfeeder copy

1. Kygo

First I bring you the current the King of Tropical house, Kygo. A Norwegian DJ born as Kyrre Gorvell Dahll, made known by his remix of “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran. That track alone played over 27.7 million times on Soundcloud and about 40 million on YouTube. As Kygo’s first set at Ultra Music Festival 2015 in Miami, he closed out the live stage. Kygo went up against the veteran Skrillex and Diplo at the main stage! I was introduced to Kygo by a few friends of mine and I fell in love ever since. My current favorite track is his newest released single “Stole the Show.”


Matoma PopFeeder

2. Matoma

I randomly ran into this remix by Matoma on Soundcloud called “Old Thing Back” by Notorious BIG. I instantly fell in love with his remixes of 90’s hip-hop by adding a tropical feel, easily making gangster rap much more subtle. Ja Rule is also featured in the original track and tweeted that he loved the remix. Having played over 9.1 million times on Soundcloud, a lot of companies expressed their interest in signing Matoma. He is also a Norwegian born DJ by the name of Tom Straete Lagergren. If you have love for old-school hip-hop and having a hard time switching over to EDM, Matoma is the way to go.


SNBRN Popfeeder


SNBRN is next up on the list. As a new producer out of the LA area, he is taking the tropical scene by storm. SNBRN’s debut release on Ultra records called “Rain Drops” featuring singer Kerli. SNBRN and Kerli worked on that track for about 6 months and have been played over 1.8 million times on Soundcloud. SNBRN is also known for his remixes of other tracks by Pretty Ricky, 50 cent, Mark Morrison, and Dirty South. After having a taste of his music, you won’t be needing aloe for this SNBRN.


Thomas Jack Popfeeder

4. Thomas Jack

I often reach out to my friends for new music or whatever their current favorite producers are. What did they all have in common? Thomas Jack. Although he’s been around a little longer then some of the other DJs listed, I quickly fell in love. As a 20-year-old Australian producer and DJ, Thomas Jack is making waves in the tropical scene with his clever ways of adding the sexy sounds of the saxophone that will leave you mesmerized. Currently my favorite track “The Final Speech” featuring Adrian Symes, has been played over 2.3 million times on Soundcloud.


Odezsa Popfeeder


Lastly I bring you ODEZSA, an American production duo based out of Seattle consisting of Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills. ODEZSA amassed over 66 million Soundcloud streams and their break out single, “Say My Name” featuring Zyra has stacked up 9.5 million plays alone. ODESZA has also been commissioned to make remixes for Sia, Charli XCX, RAC, Angus & Julia Stone, Slow Magic, Ki: Theory and many more to come. ODEZSA is poised to become one of electronic music’s biggest breakout stories of 2015 and will surely become one of music’s biggest prime movers in years to come.