Governor Christie: President or just a Cowboys Fan?


I’d like to start by explaining I do not know much about, nor do I have much of an opinion about, politics. Politics do not interest me. I feel as though I never get the truth from the government anyway, so why waste my time with it? Frankly, the most time I waste on politics is watching Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” making fun of politicians. That being said, when sports comes into play that is where I will have an opinion.

In Week 15 of the NFL regular season, the Dallas Cowboys visited the Philadelphia Eagles in an NFC East showdown for first place and a shot at a playoff berth. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was spotted in the Dallas Cowboys owner’s box with Jerry Jones (while Philadelphia faithful Bradley Cooper sat next to Jeffrey Lurie in the Eagles owner’s box). Does that make sense? Shouldn’t he either be an Eagles fan or a Giants fan? As you can guess, Philadelphia Eagles and N.Y. Giants fans were outraged. Christie was bashed by fans and the media for being a Cowboys fan. The Cowboys went on to win the game, 38 to 27. The Philadelphia Eagles would go on to lose their next game and not make the playoffs.

Football or Politics?

What happens next? Some people think, “Ah, that was just a fluke.” Gov. Christie was just enjoying a football game with a successful businessman (Jerry Jones). Others continue bashing him for governing a state and being a fan of their rival football team (both the Eagles and Giants). Well, it was no fluke. In the first round of the playoffs, when Dallas played the Detroit Lions, guess who was spotted once again in the owner’s box next to Jerry Jones? You guessed right, Gov. Chris Christie. But this time he made a complete fool of himself when Dallas scored the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter. Christie joyfully threw his overweight self at Jerry Jones, hugging and kissing in excitement.

Bashed again by the media and fans, this time Christie took it a step further. Gov. Christie went on to say, “Eagles fans are the worst in America.” Sheesh, what was this guy thinking?

The Cowboys went on to play the Green Bay Packers in the second round of the playoffs. There are no pictures of Gov. Christie in the owner’s box or in his red sweater. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker does take a shot at Gov. Christie and Jones. He bets on a Green Bay win, and that’s exactly what happened. But there’s not a peep from Gov. Christie. I have two opinions on this debacle. The first is as a Philadelphia Eagles fan and the second is as a politician hater:

  1. No one from Philadelphia, or that is an Eagles fan will ever vote for Governor Christie again. He probably lost some votes from Giant fans as well.
  2. Governor Christie is smart, and if he wants to make a run at President he will probably need the backing of a state like Texas. It also cant hurt having someone like Jerry Jones in your corner.

So in conclusion, I applaud Gov. Christie for his strategic move, but never will vote for or respect him again from a fan’s perspective. THE END!