Get Ferginated by Fergie dj at Haven Nightclub


The world knows him as Fergie dj, and for a brief moment in his extensive career, he was known as Rob Guson. This Northern Ireland born prodigy has been in the dj and producing game for over twenty years. Fergie dj has also shined bright in DJ Magazines top 100 djs in the entire world. Today he still holds the highest new entry ranking on the DJ Mag top 100 charts. After he debuted at number eight in 2000. That’s right EDMers, I said he DEBUTED at number eight! To this day no other dj has ever debuted at a higher than him.

Fergie dj’s Rise

Fergie dj’s immense and wide range of musical talent started when he was just a young teenager rocking shows in the UK. Many a times he would play his set and then be asked to leave because he was to young to be in the venues he was playing in night after night.

Since then, his powerful career has never stopped moving forward. Once he scored his residency at Trade in London, the world was in the palm of his hand. More and more residencies throughout the world (especially in Ibiza) would be added to Fergie’s outstanding resume.

Once he conquered the UK, Spain, and more, he made the leap across the pond. Settling in the party capital of the world, Las Vegas. Where he would secure a residency at Hakkasan Nightclub in 2012.

Fergie dj Live

Fergie quickly made his mark in America and his reputation along with his wild live shows does not disappoint anyone I’ve ever talked to. When you leave after a night of getting ferginated, chances are you’re laughing, smiling, and high on life. You’ll be looking on your phone for his next appearance at a club in your town.

Don’t believe me? Then get your fergin’ ass up and catch him at Haven Nightclub in Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget Casino on March 14, 2015.