DVBBS the Canadian DJ Duo


Canadian DJ Duo formed in 2012 that is composed of two brothers Alexandre Van Den Hoef and Christopher Van Den Hoef. They’re best know for their single smash hit “Tsunami”. At first, the authorship of the track was not revealed (for what reason we do not know). Tsunami was being played for months and months at festivals across the world before its official public release. “Tsunami” was promoted by big names like Sander Van Doorn and Pete Tong, but no one knew who was responsible for the hit. It has been rumored that DVBBS may have paid someone for the track so they could call it their own and become famous. None the less, DVBBS made a huge name for themselves with “Tsunami” and their extremely high energy shows. DVBBS are very interactive with the crowd and know how to party.

DVBBS Live Shows

I have had the chance to see and meet DVBBS twice and boy are they fun. Very nice guys that love to party and do not have a care in the world. What did they remind me of? Yup, you guessed it, promoters. Enter the era of the DJ/Promoter: they have a very big following, love to party, and have a tremendous amount of energy. But, when it came down to it, were they that skilled? Not in my opinion. They had good song selection and transitions but that doesn’t make you that knowledgeable about music. Now a days everyone is a DJ and venues are looking for people that put on a good show and bring people to the venue. I am not trying to take anything away from DVBBS. What I am saying is lets see how long they can last in the music scene.

Fun Fact: DVBBS pronounced “Dubbs” means a couple of things. One meaning is short for double, because there are two of them. And the second is they used to listen to a lot of dub reggae and that’s where the root of the name came from.