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noun informal
  1. anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.
    “I realized I was a lifelong sufferer of FOMO”

Do you suffer from FOMO? Fear of Missing out

Sitting on the couch with nothing to do, I tend to browse Social Media hoping someone has something exciting to do.

Suddenly my newsfeed on Facebook is flooded with pictures and videos of Ultra Music Fest in Miami.

Suddenly I realize the bulk of my friends suffer from FOMO; knowing the majority of them booked last minute flights.

I’m no exception; I almost booked my own flight. A+ for mental strength! That or I’m just broke and sitting on the couch like a loser.

So while my friends are having the time of their lives, I decided to sit down and list a few characteristics of FOMO.

If you can relate to 4-5 of these, unfortunately you suffer from the Fear of Missing Out.


1: You constantly check your Social Media outlets.

I’m not talking about logging onto Instagram or Facebook a few times a day. I’m talking about 20+ times a day. It’s the feeling of disconnect and anxiety that really drives me nuts. You can easily point out the select few who are glued to Facebook like white on rice.

2: Severe case of procrastination.

I can’t count how many times I’ve laid in bed an extra 20 minutes or so because of Instagram. I blame my tardiness from any scheduled event or even over cooked pasta to FOMO. I wonder if cannabis could help with FOMO… It’s an anxiety disorder right?!

3: Waking up in a new Bugatti.

Everyday I tell myself I’m going to have a date night with a hot cup of tea and Netflix. Suddenly you wake up in your own vomit and not knowing how you even got home. Some aren’t so lucky to even end up at home. This pretty much sums up my life in two sentences minus the vomiting. I think I’m a classified professional alcoholic beverage consumer. I owe it all to FOMO.

4: Wanting to be included in all meetings and conference calls.

As most people don’t enjoy meetings or conference calls, you find them to be very interesting and enjoyable. The case of FOMO in a workplace in my opinion is one of the good side effects of FOMO. Disguising itself as an ambitious or motivating trait. Getting anxiety over a missed conference call or meeting is a trait of FOMO in the workplace. I’ll take that any day.

5: The cringing feeling you get when you spot ICYMI

In case you missed it, the initials ICYMI stand for the first five words of this sentence. ICYMI can be something as simple as a Snapchat of a world-renowned DJ causing havoc to a very popular nightclub. Or even a picture of your favorite Country singer can cause that sadness you feel wishing you would’ve gotten out of your bed and screamed YOLO!