DJ Carnage is back to sell out yet another night at Haven Nightclub


Born Diamante Blackmon, Los Angeles based hip-hop producer and “trapoholic” best known as DJ Carnage is one of the fastest rising stars ever to hit the EDM scene.

DJ Carnage was born in Washington DC but raised n Guatemla. He was one of the very rare/few Hispanic DJ’s in the game. DJ Carnage fell in love with music at a young age and was just a “bedroom” producer that made hip-hop tracks in his parents house.

What really turned him onto the EDM epidemic and taking producing to the next level was his first festival that he attended: Electric Daisy Carnival.

After that all DJ Carnage cared about was making dope music. DJ Carnage fame exploded shortly there after in 2012 with his remix of Hardwell’s “Spaceman”.

The energy that DJ Carnage brings to the table is 2nd to no one. By the end of each set he is dripping in sweat and needs a change of clothes – that is how much effort he puts into his shows and for his fans.

He sells out venues and festivals across the globe and always entertains. You can always guarantee getting you money’s worth when DJ Carnage is on the booth.

Not only is DJ Carnage a master of the art of DJing, he’s not to bad at branding himself either.

DJ Carnage was offered a free Chipotle for life and started the hastag #ChipotleGang that immediately went viral once they released the logo (pictured below).

If you don’t know what it is, it is a version of Michael Jordan’s jumpan, only a little heavier and holding a burrito!


Although there isn’t a Chiptole anywhere near Atlantic City, he will make his return back to Haven Nightclub this weekend! So I suggest you pregame at the closest Chipotle near you before making it back down to the shore.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had Friday August 14th marked down on the calender for quite some time now. I can’t wait until he rocks our world in a venue that fits his hard hitting trap music just perfectly.

Although he is known for his trap mixed with a little bit of hip-hop, DJ Carnage has become a master of many genres of music. He has figured out a way to learn the music trends that will be popular and remix them with what is popular keeping him always ahead of the curve.

Expect DJ Carnage to be around for quite some time!