Borgeous Live is an UnBORgettable Experience

Borgeous Live Atlantic City

See Borgeous Live

At Haven Nightclub
Atlantic City
Sunday, August 9th

Miami-born, now Los Angeles up-and-coming, DJ and producer John Borger (better known as Borgeous) has been pretty unstoppable since his 2013 release of “Tsunami.”

I’m pretty sure we, as an Electronic Dance Music coalition, all have danced our hearts out and fist-pumped our arms off to releases such as “Tsunami,” “Invincible” and “Wildfire.”

Even though he had released chart-toppers like these, there was a time when I didn’t really like Borgeous. Yeah, “Tsunami” was catchy, wild and it gives you that overcoming feeling that you have to just spray champagne all over the place.

But I more or less gave the credit to DVBBS for producing it. BORgeous was more like BOR-ING to me. Or sometimes I’d want my dubstep fix from BORgore.

Borgeous at His Best

It wasn’t until last summer that I saw Borgeous at HQ Beach Club in Atlantic City. I’ll never forget it.

It was a chilly and windy, a less than average Sunday in July. Friends dragged me out of the house that day because they couldn’t stop talking about the guy. They told me I HAD to come.

Once he came on, my friends and the barely-filled pool went wild. My ears perked up slightly. I couldn’t believe the forgettable Borgeous had turned up the energy so high, when just moments before it had been a boring party. After this I became intrigued and I began listening closely.

Before I knew it my friend said to me, “Why are you moving your feet? I thought you hated the guy?” To make a long story short, I went home after his show and did some more research on him.

A couple of months later I was out in Las Vegas with a couple of friends and I got to catch him again at Drai’s Nightclub. This time I went with open ears after listening to his releases that I mentioned before.

The club was packed and Mr. Forgettable Borgeous turned into The Unforgettable. His variety of music was massive and his energy and excitement was top notch. I was standing on the table going completely wild.

I felt like I was in a movie. Once the night came to an end, I stumbled back to my room, exhausted.

Since that day I have been a huge Borgeous fan and I follow his tours and record releases.

Borgeous at Haven Nightclub

I now have a chance to relive the moment where I fell in love with Borgeous this weekend at Haven Nightclub. Adding to an already an amazing Summer of Sunday Nights’ line-up.

It may not be Drai’s nor HQ Beachclub but Haven will be just as good. With their intimate setting with an incredible production set-up, I’m sure it will be another UnBORgettable experience.

If you plan on being there, we will share an exprience we will both never forget. I promise.