Apple Watch Pre-Orders Begins Today


The Apple Watch is redefining the way people look at the smart watch. They have produced a device like no other on the market today. Apple has consistently tried year after year to build new technology more user friendly and more accessible for the everyday person. With the Apple Watch, they aim to make it the most personal piece of technology you will own, as it is the first product Apple has built to be worn with style and sophistication.

Many different smart watches that have come out over the years, but it seems as though the Apple Watch is set to become the best on the market to date. If I had to compare it to any other smart watch out there I would put it up against the Moto 360. If you are an iPhone user, well iPhone 5 or later, which what you need to have for the watch to work, the functionality is quite smooth between the two.

Apple Watch Design

The sleek design is something that has really had me intrigued, there are three different designs of the Apple Watch in 2 different sizes, 38mm and a 42mm. First is the Apple Watch, which is stainless steel. Second, the Apple Watch

Apple Watch SizesClick to Enlarge

Sport that has an anodized aluminum case, and of course the 18k gold Apple Watch Edition which has sapphire crystal. The Apple watch is very sharp, when you first look at it you are first drawn to its very distinct watch face.

The main face is the watch, there are ten faces you can chose from with customizable features to show things like, battery life, date, the weather, and the phones activity levels. From what I have seen it is relatively easy to navigate. One problem with the user experience is when you press down on the “Digital Crown” a cluster of apps comes up for you to navigate through. Most people who have used the watch seem to say it is way too small and easy to miss and hit the wrong one. Once you get the hang of it though there is not much of a problem.

Apple Watch Functionality

For a users perspective it seems to be nothing more than an extension of the iPhone and another piece of technology we are going to use. It does seem pretty futuristic though to be able to accept or decline phone calls, read emails, have access to your iMessages, look at photos, and pay for things directly from your wrist. A lot of people may be having second thoughts on getting the very first version (as am I), but Apple is really making a case for their place in the smart watch market.

Apple Watch Faces

Apple Watch Variety and Pricing

The Apple Watch’s prices vary from $349.00, which is the 38mm aluminum case with the sports band, all the way up to $17,000 for the 42mm 18k gold polished sapphire crystal edition. There is also the stainless steal casing version of the watch, which starts at $549.00. With each version of the watch there are varying bands that you can use. There is anything from a sports band, to stainless steal to leather, each for your different activities or just to style up the watch. The Apple Watch will be available on April 24th, and for pre-order Friday April 10th at 12:01am.