6 Reasons Why Not To Listen To Meteorologists


6 Reasons Why Not To Listen To Meteorologists


Who is more reliable, Meteorologist Brick Tamlin (Anchorman) or NYC Meteorologist Gary Szatkowski? Looks as though they get the weather correct the same amount.

Let’s be honest, it seems to me that meteorologists get paid quite a bit of money to be wrong when it counts the most. Whether it is the “snowpocalypse” or any other massive storm that comes along. It effects millions of people, between travel, shops/business being closed losing money, education for the kids along with their disappointment of no snow, not to mention a waste of state funds, and allowing the media to use this as a ploy to get people to get out there and spend money unnecessarily. Even with thousands of meteorologists, a newly upgraded state of the art forecasting supercomputer, thousands of weather radars and balloons all across the country, and the ability to launch its own satellites they can’t get it right. Will they ever get right?


Mr. or Mrs. Unreliable

When it comes to very important weather can they be trusted? The meteorologists were pumping up this storm with more than 2 days until it would reach land. This is such a joke when the weatherman is going to try and scare the public into thinking we are going to get a “snowpocalypse”. Meanwhile they get paid very good money, but they can’t truthfully predict the weather 24 hours in advance with constant variables and changes.


Predicting What For Who?

How unpredictable meteorologists will most likely ruin traveling plans for some very important events if and when they are wrong. Ruin your plans, cost you money, and create a very large inconvenience for all involved. Especially if like this past snowstorm your area is declared a “state of emergency” and even worse when a travel ban is implemented. It hinders every plan because it is even illegal to drive and be out on the roads unless they are emergency vehicles.


Getting To Where You Need To Be A Problem?

This leads me to my next reason not to trust meteorologist. Calling a “state of emergency” and the travel ban was more than just shutting down travel and all roads. The state has to bring out more employees, for more hours this forces the state to give state employees overtime, bringing out salt trucks, which costs money, and in the end inevitably costs the taxpayers money, which to me is the biggest problems. Using taxpayer’s dollars for something that doesn’t even happen is atrocious. With a little more patience from the media they could have easily saved some of the resources used.


High Cost Of Being Wrong

The costs of having to prepare for a large snowstorm such as this are very high. The meteorologists and the media have no problem blowing out of proportion a storm to create ratings and scare the public. Having to prepare so much for something that may not happen is unreasonable. Pushes people to buy snow supplies; shovels, snow cloths, groceries, and alcohol that you may not have needed or wanted. But didn’t want to be that person left out with no supplies because the media created such a panic that everyone went out and bought the necessities.


Who It Hurts The Most

Although it helps large businesses such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot, what about the effects on the small businesses that have to close for a day or two? Some small businesses can’t afford to close for a period of time. It also hurts the employees; they aren’t able to come to work to collect a paycheck and earn money. Some people may need that to support their family. The lack of work for absolutely no reason besides the meteorologists think we might get a, “historic crippling storm” is unacceptable.



The Most Disappointed

Last but not least the worst of all for the young people in school, who don’t rely on a pay check to support their families with work, but are just looking for their well-deserved snow day!


Lets see if some more of these meteorologists will come out like Gary Szatkowski and apologize for their false reporting and making key people make poor decisions.

I would love to hear some people’s thoughts on your local meteorologists and how this “snowpocolypse” or the lack there of, disrupted your plans, or made any inconveniences for you and your family!